Allen C. Benson, Writer, Photographer, Librarian


Allen C. Benson

My research interests focus on photography, philosophy of image, and knowledge representation. My Ph.D. dissertation. Relationship Analysis of  Image Descriptions: An Ontological, Content Analytic Approach, examines how humans express relationships when describing images. I am currently working on the ontology of the photograph and ontology-based representation in the Scone knowledge-base system. I perform this work with Dr. Scott E. Fahlman, Carnegie Mellon University, and Jacob Migdail-Smith, doctoral student in Mathematics, Syracuse University.

Please view my recent publications: “Image descriptions and their relational expressions: a review of the literature and the issues,” in Journal of Documentation, Volume 71, No. 1 (2015); “Killed Negatives: The Unseen Photographic Archives,” in Archivaria Volume 68 (2010), “The Archival Photograph and Its Meaning: Formalisms for Modeling Images,” Journal of Archival Organization Volume 7, Number 4 (2009); “OntoPhoto and the Role of Ontology in Organizing Knowledge,” Knowledge Organization Volume 38, Number 2 (2011), and my most recent paper “Capturing relationships expressed in image descriptions: A preliminary investigation,” BiD: textos universitaris de biblioteconomia i documentacio, Number 27 (2011).

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